Sunday 30 September 2007

Sub 02: result

Rejection. *sigh* I'm a little disappointed, I have to admit. Oh well. It needs a rewrite anyway, and I have my eye on a new place to submit to. The deadline isn't until near Christmas, so I can put it aside and come back to it with a fresh eye and still have enough time to tinker.

Still waiting on the result of sub 01.1. And I have two new short story ideas to play around with. I'll let them fester in my head for a while longer while I try to get another chunk of the book done.

Thesis is going to handed in next week. I'll be glad to see the back of it, to be honest. How did I ever think a thesis on vampire fiction would still be so interesting after weeks of working on it? Honestly.

I'm going to put on Hannah Fury's music and see if that will cheer me up. Possible start on Season 3 of House, too, or something. Perhaps even put on Phantom of the Opera; the cheesiness might just be what I need.

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