Tuesday 4 September 2007

Sub 01.1, Sub 02

The revised version of sub 01 (now called sub 01.1) and sub 02 have been released into the wild. I have reasonable hopes for the new version of 01; I think the rewrites did it more justice. Sub 02, however, I have my doubts about, but I think it's workable with perhaps another rewrite in the wings if a rejection comes back.

I'm currently working on a novel, along with a certain Real Life Thing (namely, my thesis, or my 'non-fiction writing project' as I now call it so as not to burst into tears every time I think about it). Sub 03 is in the rudimentary scratchings and 'hmm, will this idea work, I wonder?' stage. I also have two projects which need to be completed for fun; I foresee this month's wordcount to be obscenely high when it's finally over.

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